Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010
if one day u were told u only haf a few mths to live, wat'd u do?

for me, guess i'd juz wanna haf fun, do watever i want and hope that no one comes and spoil my remaining days.

u might be thinking y am i writing this, and of coz everything happens for a reason. health hasn't been too good, gonna haf a check-up in July. *hopefully everything goes well*

i noe i'm worrying too much, since nth is confirmed yet but guess it's juz natural to be thinking negatively when u realise sth in ur body isn't right.

the last thing i'd ask for is to haf anyone come and fuck around and make my life miserable.


i can settle my own problems so juz dun come and add on to my problems if u aren't helping.



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